Positive Palmistry

There is a constant two-way flow of nerve impulses. The lines and the marks in our hands show a reflection of our thoughts, perception, intelligence, understanding, character and personality. Analysis of hand is a science and on the other side it is also an art.  Much scientific research has been published on finger prints which can be used as a diagnostic tool in medicine.

With the help of digital technology, internet, cameras and mobile phones, online palmistry or distance palm reading is now very easy for consultation.  Online palm reading / Distance palm reading is now accessible by sending your hand images to the consultant and getting a palm reading. It is just like you are in front of a palmist showing your hands as your personal reading. I have developed a template "How to take hand images for distance palm reading."  You can send your hand images for distance consultation. I respect  and maintain your privacy and confidentiality and delete your hand images and all your details after a month of your reading. I can save your hand images and any of you detail  for future consultation in my data base with your written permission.


Palmistry Palm Reading Hand Aanlysis

“Lines are not written into the human hand without a reason; they emanate from heavenly influences and man's own individuality.”

Palmistry reveals information about our relationships, career, life path, challenges and obstacles that may arise in our journey. These can be interpreted by palm reading the life line, fate line, heart line and head line. Special attention is also paid to fine details and finger prints which reveal a lot more information about our career and life path.

There is rich history of palmistry and this is well documented and referenced in the Indian literature originating from the Vedic period (2000 BC) and also in the work of Aristotle between (384-322 BC) in the west. There is a close association between astrology and palmistry in eastern parts of the world and this is well documented in old literature.
There are billions of nerves in our brain which are in direct contact with our hands via the spinal cord and nerves extending to the peripheries of our bodies.