Positive Palmistry

Palm reading

Modern palmistry is a combination of chiromancy, chirognomy and dermatoglyphics (finger prints). It reveals information about our relationships, career, life path, challenges and obstacles that may arise in our journey. These can be interpreted by reading the life line, fate line, heart line and head line. Special attention is also paid to fine details and finger prints which reveal a lot more information about our life and future.

I have been doing palm reading for more than 20 years as a professional palmist and researcher.  During my consultation; I read both hands, analyse the hand's size, shape, colour, texture, flexibility, lines on the hands, development of mounts, finger shape, finger prints, finger nails, thumb, thumb's angle and special markings on the hands.

I have been practicing Indian and Western palmistry in many countries. I have been a professional palmist and provided consultation at the new age expo, universal insights expo, mind body and spirit festival and the holistic festival of life expo in Melbourne, Australia and New Zealand. I also offer Palmistry workshops for small groups who are keen to learn and gain an understanding into palmistry in Melbourne, Australia.

I have done intensive training through analysing thousands of hands for over two decades. I was awarded Certificate in Palmistry with Distinction from The International College of Palmistry and I am also the life member of The American Professional Palmistry Association. I have interviewed for magazines, newspapers and radio. My special area of interest is medical palmistry; diagnosing diseases based on clues found on the skin, palm and nails of our hands.
I am involved in palmistry research which includes hand analysis and medical palmistry. I have presented my work at the International Behavioural and Medical Biometrics society in Las Vegas USA, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Your palm reading will explain the meaning and the effect that each line has upon numerous phases of your life. It gives an insight into your character, personality, childhood events, career, finance, family life, talent, love life, happiness, personal needs, education, moods and destiny.

I have used my knowledge to help and heal people on many levels. My palm reading is thorough and I spend time analysing your palm and provide you with a comprehensive explanation and answer any of your queries. Your palm is dynamic and I believe the lines and markings on your palm will change with your efforts. When you are provided with a solution you can make efforts in a positive direction to change your life path and ultimately achieve happiness, health and success.