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Dear Deepak,

How are you? I don't expect you would remember me; I came to you last year in September & had a palm reading with you. You mentioned some very interesting points in regards to issues in my life that are holding me back. I'm at a point now where I need to make a few certain life decisions as well as learn what is restricting me in my career & I am wondering if you may be able to possibly help me identify & work to move forward from these reoccurring problems through your services. If this is something you feel you may be able to assist with I would love to book an appointment with you. 

Thank you very much.
Kind regards

E. Melbourne, Australia


"Hi Deepak!

Thank you very much for your palmistry reading and all your advises. This conversation helped me to clarify important life questions and glimpse the right path to follow. My positive energy has been restored and I feel more peace to take the right decisions. All the best wishes, all the way from Mexico!"
kind regards,

A  Mexico City, Mexico


Hi Deepak

Thank you very much for your palm reading and very good advice. I'm lucky that I have been on this forever learning journey for a while & am continually reading, watching, listening & learning. I also meditate daily, which as you said definitely is the best way to reach your true self.

Thank you again Deepak, I really appreciate your time and advice
Kind regards,

D California, USA

Dear Deepak

Thank you very much for your palm reading.
I am currently worked through my blocks in order to move forward & feel this will hopefully clear away the blocks I have been carrying. Thank you very much all the same Deepak, I am sure I will at some stage cross paths with you again.

Kind regards,

N.  London, United Kingdom
Hi Deepak

Thank you very much for your kind email. I really do appreciate your insight. I've made the best of my life from my upbringing and feel very blessed to have experienced what I did as it has made me a compassionate & positive person, but I have realised they imprint has been effecting opportunities in order for me to move forward, especially in terms of my career as I have to be very bold & brave to make it where I want to go. I will get there :) I really appreciate your kindness and encouragement for my future.

Thank you, Deepak for palm reading. I wish you all the very best to you and your family.

P. Sydney, Australia

Dear Deepak Sir, 
Thank you so much for writing back to me. I am attaching herewith two images for left and right thumb as asked by you. I hope these images are better compared to earlier ones. Kindly let me know if they need to be re-taken.  Thank you for explaining me the process for distance palm reading. 

J. Delhi, India
Hi Deepak, 

Apologies on my late response. Thank you very much again for your insight, I do really value & appreciate it. It is very true. I hope you enjoyed the weekend, 
Thank you again, 
Kind regards, 

C. Perth, Australia
Hey Deepak, 

Thank you for your email and attachment. It really does help me understand this lot more. I will definitely take this into consideration. Thank you for your time and palm reading.


V. New York, USA


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