Q. 18 Can I can send you a Xerox copy of my hand print for reading?
The Xerox copy is not adequate for palm reading. It does not contain the fine details required for an accurate hand reading. It is my personal experience  Xerox copy is not suitable for good palm reading.

Q. 19 I have twin children how do their hand prints differ?
I have collected finger prints of twins for my research purpose. The research analysis showed that handprints of monozygotic twins (MZ) and dizygotic twins (DZ) are similar but not the same. Fingerprint pattern, shape and size of hands were evaluated very closely for analysis. It was concluded that fingerprint similarities, including pattern in monozygotic twins were significantly higher than those compared with dizygotic twins. These finger prints are a part of a ‘phenotype’ which means they are determined by the interaction of an individual’s genes and the intrauterine environment.

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Q. 16. What is distance reading?
The distance reading means that you can send digital photos of your palm. Once I receive good quality images of your palm, I will be able to perform the hand analysis and give you a reading. Please send images as per instructions on my website.
Phone consultation:  We can arrange an appointment time as per your convenience.  Once reading is completed I will take the payment.
Recorded CD:  If you are not available for phone consultation and would still like a reading, you can email me your specific questions. I will read your hand and give you the answers recorded on a CD. Please allow up to 14 days to receive your CD. 

Q. 17 Can you read my hands over the phone?
Yes, I can do palm reading over the phone once you have sent your hand images to me. You will have to book an appropriate time for hand reading and allow sufficient time for an in-depth palm reading.

Q.12. Can palmist tell me about my future by reading my palm?

No, palmistry is very scientific it is not the same as fortune telling. As I explained earlier, palm lines are constantly changing. Hence the future can be changed due to our efforts or lack thereof.
The scientific hand analysis of the lines explains the story of our life at present and also provides an insight into our future and efforts that one to can do to improve and enhance their future. Palmistry shows you the path to a better future.

Q. 14. What is your privacy policy?
The reading is very personalised and private.  I do reading for only one person at a time.  Your personal information is confidential and it will never be disclosed to anyone without your knowledge.
I will not allow husband, wife, friend or partner to sit together during my readings because I believe your hand analysis is only for you.  In case for palm reading is for a child, a parent or guardian can accompany the child.

Q. 15. Can I record/ tape my reading in personal consultation?
Yes, If you are interested, you can record the session on any of your recording device e.g. on phone or voice recorder. I can also record the reading session for you if you like. Everything that is discussed in your session is considered private and confidential.

I have been interested in palmistry from the age of 25, I learned Vedic palmistry
(An ancient art of Indian palmistry known as Samudrik Shastra). I have read thousands of hands and gained knowledge of hand analysis by reading and acquiring knowledge from books written hundreds of years ago.  

Q.10  What is Vedic palmistry?

During the time of Vedic period (texts written many centuries ago), The Samudrik Shastra (translates as the ocean of knowledge) was known as vedic palmistry; The interpretation of the human hand including shape, size, colour, texture, lines and signs and yog (combination of special marking).

Samudrik shastra consists of three parts:
1. Reading the lines on the forehead and face reading.
2. Hand reading; the study of hand shape, lines, signs, special line markings known as palmistry.
3. Line and shape of feet and markings.

Q.11 Do hand lines changes?

Lines in both hands are constantly changing due to new ideas, your thoughts, beliefs, talents, challenges, strengths, circumstances and experiences because the hand  is connected to your brain via the nervous system. The hand is just like the mirror of our brain. Many micro-nerves make an imprint on your hand.

Q.6 I have a short life line?

If the palm indicates a short life, is does not mean that an individual will have a short life expectancy. Life line is not related to age, it relates to the quality of life. I read both hands and other lines to assess the quality of life. I have read hands of many clients who are over the age of 85 with short life line in both of hands; hence short life line does not necessarily correlate to short life expectancy.

Q.7 How often do your clients come for reading? Do they often return for palm readings, and tell you that it your readings have been correct?

I have had number of interesting experiences with my clients during my new age expos. They have come and told me that my readings have been accurate and they were happy with the outcomes and would recommend their friends to get readings done by me. Whenever they hold any events or gatherings they remember me and call me for another reading. I believe in my results and I am confident that my readings are accurate and this has helped me establish my long term clientele.
Q.8 Is palmistry based on intuition and perception?

Palmistry is a science and it is not based on intuition or perception. Palmistry is a  tool that can help an individual to identify their skills, attitude and level of confidence to achieve their goal.  If anyone would like to develop intuition, it is possible to develop this skill through positivity, good karma and daily meditation.

Q.9 How did you become interested in palmistry?

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Q .1 What is palmistry?

Modern palmistry is a combination of:
Chiromancy-Study of lines within the palm
Chirognomy-Study of genetic hand shape, finger shape, finger nails, texture and consistency
Dermatoglyphics- Study of skin ridge patterns and formation found on finger tips and within the palm themselves.
By analysing the lines, hand shape, mounts, dermatoglyphics and other important signs from the hand, I am able to give you an accurate reading. The hand analysis will provide you with solution to change your future by your own efforts.
Q.2 How does palm reading work?
I read both hands and analyse the hand size, shape, colour, texture, flexibility, lines, signs and markings on dorsum and palmar aspect of both hands with a magnifying glass.

Q.3  Do you have any qualification for palm reading?
Yes, I have been practicing Indian and Western Palmistry for 19 years in many countries. The American Professional Palmistry Association recognized my  achievements as a professional palmist in February 2002.
In 2008, I was awarded Certificate in Palmistry with distinction from the International College of Palmistry, UK. I have been a professional palm reader for the new age expo, universal insights expo, mind body and spirit festival and the holistic festival of life expo in Australia and New Zealand. I also presented my research on hand analysis and medical palmistry at the International Behavioural and Medical Biometrics society in Las Vegas (2009) and Kuala Lumpur (2011).

Q.4 When are palm lines generated on the human hand?
The palm lines are visible in a foetus. At 12th week of gestation palm lines start to emerge and the lines become clear at 16-20 week of gestation.

Q.5 How in-depth are the readings?

Palm reading can be as in-depth as you like. A detailed reading, as an example, would go into a person's character analysis, childhood, family life, relationships, career path, health, love life, money, travel, retirement and old age.