Positive Palmistry

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Peacock’s Eye Patterns

Formation of pattern:From the centre it looks like a peacock’s eyes; the center consists of more than one circle or spiral, the end of each ring is connected with a straight line. It has two triangular points; one further and the other closer to the centre.

Characteristics: These individuals are expressive, highly perceptive, have leadership qualities and tend to be artistic.

Composite Whorl Patterns

Formation of pattern:Looks like Tai-Chi like pattern without multi-layers or circle surrounding it.

Characteristics:These individuals think about the environment, very adaptable, think from different perspectives, make good decisions, have good communication and coordination skills, but can be easily distracted.

No Pattern

Formation of pattern:No clear or define pattern of finger prints 

Characteristics:These individuals with interrupted fingerprints (forming no patterns) are likely to have balance problems.

Press Whorl Patterns

Formation of pattern: Similar to the whorl pattern, but the circle turns into a long oval shape and it also has two triangular points.

Characteristics:These individuals like competition, are ambitious, hate to be defeated, pay attention to detail and like to stay on a budget.

Imploding whorl Patterns

Formation of pattern:Tai-Chi like patterns in the middle, surrounded by multi-layers of circle.

Characteristics:These individuals have the ability to multitask, they are diverse and self-conscious.

Spiral Whorl Patterns

Formation of pattern:A spiral whorl pattern starting from the centre and moves outward, but does not form concentric circles and it also has two triangular points.

Characteristics: These individuals are very self motivated, parents should provide appropriate guidance to help these individuals achieve success because they are self motivated.

Concentric Whorl Patterns

Formation of pattern:Lines start from the centre and spread out in concentric circles. It contains two triangular points.

Characteristics: These individuals like to set objectives, self-centered, likes competition, rigorous, subjective and don't like to be controlled.

Radial Loop Patterns

Formation of pattern:The opposite of ulnar loop, the loop points towards the thumb.

Characteristics: These individuals think independently and cleverly, like to question and criticize, self-cantered, loves to go against the majority.

Ulnar Loop Patterns

Formation of pattern: It is a loop that points towards the little finger with triangular points.

Characteristics:Gentleness, observant, passive, loves to stick to their schedules, likes to go with the flow, little self- motivation.

Tented Arch

Patterns Formation of pattern:A sharp tip, looks like a camping tent.

Characteristics: These individuals may have extreme personalities, can be outgoing, they can be welcoming one day and shy the other; it all depends on how they were nurtured during their childhood. They also tend to be creative. These individuals are not afraid of challenges and obstacles and can sometimes be impulsive.

Simple Arch

Formation of pattern: Hill-shaped, curved, no triangle is formed with this shape.

Characteristics:Hard working hand, down to earth, likes to follow steps, cautious, introverted, works without complaint and does not like taking risks.

Finger print patterns:

There are three basic fingerprint patterns, which are classified as the whorl, the arch and the loop. There are also a number of other fingerprint patterns exist which are generally variations of these basic three. They have been classified as a tented arch pattern, press whorl pattern, ulnar loop pattern, concentric whorl pattern, peacock’s eye pattern and no pattern.

                Spiral whorl (10X)                           Simple arch (10X)                  Scale: Millimetre/ridges (10X)

Finger prints :

Finger Prints

Type of fingerprints Our fingerprints can help identify our personality, strengths and weaknesses. Once these strengths and weaknesses are identified we can then work towards using our strengths to maximize our potential and improve on our weaknesses. Sweat glands can be seen under the microscope which is present between the skin ridges. These ridges also contain fine sensory nerve ending and receptors which gives highest level of sensitivity which is present on our finger tips.

Microscopic images of finger prints: