Positive Palmistry

Palmistry consultation:

Personal consultation:During the palmistry consultation, I will look at your hand shape, length, shape of fingers and thumb, fingernails and fingerprints. I will also closely examine your life, heart, fate, head and travel lines. I also pay special attention to markings on the nails, skin texture, unique patterns, lines and markings on the palm. I spend time analysing your hand; looking at everything to accurately provide you with an interpretation. You can ask questions at any stage of your palm reading.

For the palm reading, I need your name, dominant hand, age, current occupation and education level.

I do not allow group palm readings because I have to maintain your privacy. All readings are done individually in Melbourne, Australia. Please remove your nail polish before your appointment or before you take your hand photo. If you have false nails, then please don't remove them, I will have to skip that part of the palm reading. If you would like reading for a client who is under 18 years old, parent or guardian must be present during palm reading.

Palmistry consultation will be kept private and confidential. Any personal information provided to me will be kept classified. As per my policy, I will never share your personal information with anyone. If you are not  satisfied with palm reading, I will not take any money for the consultation.

For cost of personal consultation palm reading:
Please contact deepakgupta@positive-palmistry.com or Phone/massage : +61 0405452528

Distant palmistry consultation: The  distant palmistry/palm reading will be done once you send your hand photos/images via CD/DVD/Drop Box. Once, I receive good quality images of your palm, I will be able to perform hand analysis and fix time and date suitable for you. Please send images as per the instructions on my website. We can organise suitable time for palm reading once I receive quality images of hand. Palm reading can be done on the phone, whatsApp, Face time or SKYPE.

I will store your hand images for a month, in case you have any more questions regarding your palm reading. After one month, all images will be discarded. With your permission your hand images will be used for research purpose, of course confidentiality and privacy will be maintained.

For cost of distant palm reading : Please contact email  deepakgupta@positive-palmistry.com or phone/massage +61 405452528

Recorded CD:If you are not available for phone consultation and would still like a palm reading, you can email me your specific questions. I will read and analyse your hand and give answers to your specific questions recorded on a CD. Please allow up to 14 days to receive your CD.